Divorce, separations, custody, access and parenting issues, child support, spousal support, property matters and variations of separation agreements and court orders are at the heart of family law. As most of these disputes are complex, they need an effective solution-oriented process. Oakville lawyers family law work with you to provide strategies that are best suited to fit the clients’ needs and circumstances.

Why us?

We understand that separation, divorce and disputes can be extremely overwhelming not only for the individuals involved but also for their near and dear ones. Undergoing such a process can be extremely daunting, as there are not only feel involved that need to take care of but there are also responsibilities which need to be divided and underlying issues which have to be addressed.

As much as this is a legal process, it is also an emotional one. We understand the emotional transition that you may be experiencing through the process. As a legal counsel, our duty does not end with the end of the process. When undergoing a process we work with you to select a process which is the best fit for you and your circumstances.

We understand that parenting, custody and access battle can take a toll when children are involved and we are dedicated to making this process smoother for both the clients and their children. Our endorsement for humane domestic treatment seeps into the process of offering counsel for the child and spousal support. It is crucial because there are various legal procedures that need to be tended to. Arrangements are to be made for the same.

So if you are going through separation or divorce then it is crucial that you speak to a legal representative. This will make sure that you are not taken advantage of. Especially when children are involved, our lawyers will assist you through the process. The support would be on child-focused discussions.

Fight for what you deserve

While undergoing a separation process there is a division of property and assets which has to take place. Though it might seem quite daunting, this step needs to be complete with ease as it has financial ramifications. It is important that the division of property and assets is such that both the parties acquire an equal value and have their needs met.

In the case of common law spouses, things can seem a bit hazy as you are not the legal spouse. In such a case, there are different ways which are taken to solve the issues of ownership and trust. However, in such a set up there is no exception to property demarcations.

We have extensive experience and knowledge and can provide expertise to our clients in all matters pertaining to family law.

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