Canadian immigration understands the importance of family and is in favour of working towards getting the family to live together. Every process has its own set of rules that needs to be followed. Parental Sponsorship Lawyers in Toronto will work with you to ensure that your family has the best chances of receiving a visa. Being experienced in immigration law, we will work tirelessly with you through the process of parental sponsorship.

What are the requirements of parental sponsorship?

When planning parental sponsorship there is a certain set of specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. If these requirements are fulfilled it would strengthen your case and increase the chances of your application going through. The requirements for parental sponsorship are as follows.

  1. Stable Financial Condition: In order to be able to sponsor, it is crucial that you provide evidence of your financial stability. Your financial standing can be used in your favour in the parental sponsorship application if in case your parents are not able to provide for themselves. You should be able to provide them with basic living requirements like food, shelter and clothing.
  2. Enter into an agreement with the government of Canada: If you are sponsoring your parents then you have to enter into an agreement with the government of Canada. This agreement states that all the essential needs of the immigrant parents are to be fulfilled by the sponsor. In case the sponsoring individual is over 19 years, then he or she must commit to working on becoming self-sufficient.
  3. Details about the sponsor: The basic requirement of the sponsor to be able to sponsor parents, is that they should be a resident of Canada or must indicate to the government that they will be living in Canada by the time the immigrants arrive. There is a minimum age criterion to become a sponsor. A sponsor should always be an adult, that is, they should be at least 18 years of age. In order to become a sponsor, you need to have a clean record. There should be cases of removal against you or be bankrupt.

All the requirements discussed above need to fill in via paperwork with the Canadian immigration offices. Going through the process of parental sponsorship can be stressful and overwhelming. We work with you tirelessly to make sure that your family is reunited. We understand the importance of family and are sensitive through this frustrating process as the implications may go back and forth. We provide you with the best of services and help you reunite with your family.