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Murder Being solved by Amazon

In Arkansas, the year 2015 November 22nd, Collins Victor who fathered five kids was found dead in a boiling tub. Despite the fact that there was no sturdy evidence found, the man who owns the asset where the body was seen got arrested. To help find a solution for the crime, the police looked to a near Amazon Echo.

However, that does not imply that the police turned to the device and asked whether Alexa was in a position to solve that particular murder. The authority had a positive feeling that the device has what they were searching for the evidence of key audio. The Amazon has been hiding the recordings of the scene of murder, although it was plugged in ,and proved that it was listening to all that had happened. The police are continuing to emphasize about the Amazon sharing the important information, and that is the first thing that the Amazon has ever agreed to this year in March.

Although there was a confession sent to retrieve the data which could help in giving evidence to solve the crime, the Amazon still resisted the law enforcement. That could have only been understood only by using business and perception of information privacy. Moreover, recording talks and action is not what the Echo was created for so that the Amazon can use it as evidence to accuse clients. The trust between the customers and the Amazon could only get destroyed by that instead. In that situation, the firm already surrendered and allowed the government to reach to the data.

There was once again a case that resembled this one, and the tech world was held in its grip the whole of last year. In December 2015, there was a gun shooting in San Bernardino. Since the FBI wanted the way to reach some data from one of the shooter’s iPhone, they sent an order from the court which was demanding Apple to obey and give out the information. However, Apple disagreed to that claiming that it was to their client’s best interest to keep his/her data confident. Confidential info about clients served by the Apple is kept personal and cannot reach the public unless there the client approves to that. The case finally reached an end after an intruder came up with a solution to unlock the phone. Questions to do with data privacy nature and tech firms obligations to their clients raised after the two scenes. People are now well informed of how crucial it is not to hold some data that might solve a case.