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What they Never Tell You about Being a Mom and a Freelancer

There is nothing that can be quite gratifying as quitting the tedious grind of the nine-to-five and taking your career and life into your own hands as a freelancer. Freelancing offers you with the help that you need if you feel that your creativity has been maimed or that you are intellectually imprisoned by a boring day at work and wish you had something else to do on your own terms or if you are a stay at home mom looking to make extra money in your free time. But the balance can be hard to achieve when you have children and a load of parental duties and responsibilities. Here are some things that your friends who are into freelancing won’t tell you.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job Yet
You must note that as a freelancer, you will depend much on cultivating and expanding a portfolio of different customers who will offer you with jobs, and it may take time to build these relationships. It is a great idea to quit your job to start freelancing, but this could potentially increase your risks if it is your only source of income. The safer option is to establish your online presence, do the job you can when you have free time whenever you are at your most creatively prolific and eventually build your work portfolio along with your client base.

Your Most Essential Skill is Confidence
You must believe in your abilities as this will be your single most marketable quality. Confidence is what will make clients entrust their money and resources to you, and ensure that they feel that they are getting a good deal. For emerging freelancers this can be tricky as they are still growing in confidence and often that they could be exposed as talentless frauds at any moment. Belief in your skills and abilities and with your continued growth you become more desirable.

Avoid Taxes Becoming a Nightmare
First, you must note that it saves you much money that it costs to hire an accountant and a tax lawyer. Make sure that you have entered your business income and spending on a weekly or monthly basis to avoid tax nightmare come April.

Ensure that you Maintain Discipline
Managing freelancing commitments alongside parental obligations can be challenging. The key to success lies in establishing and sticking to set working hours and setting a home office or working away from home. You cannot afford to be changing diapers or doing something else in the middle of a conference call or when a deadline is coming up soon.

Know how to Chase for Your Payments
It can take time before you get paid after you have completed your tasks and sent the invoices. Learn how to chase after your money without having to badge the clients.