Steps to Take Immediately After a Bicycle Accident

Even the most safety-conscious bicyclists are at risk of getting into an accident. Other motorists far outnumber bicyclists on Tampa roadways. All bike riders should know what steps to take after an accident, whether they or a companion are the victim. Taking the proper steps at this critical point can make a difference in your physical and legal outcomes. Here’s what the Tampa personal injury lawyers at Matthews Injury Law recommend you do after a bicycle accident.

  1. Stay at the Scene until the Police Arrive

Call the police and an ambulance if you are injured. Motorists are legally required to stay at the scene if there are injuries or property damage. If you leave the scene without making a police report, you might not be able to track down the motorist later if you need to hold them liable for your injuries.

  1. Don’t Negotiate

Other motorists may attempt to negotiate with you or any other victims. They might accept blame and apologize, but now isn’t the time for negotiations. You have no idea as to the full extent of your injuries or property damage at this time. You also risk the driver changing their mind and later denying that the …

Here’s What to Avoid When Charged With a Criminal Offense

Being accused of a criminal offense can be a stressful and intimidating experience. You’ll likely worry about your loved ones, job, and reputation. It’s even worse when you make mistakes after facing arrest. In some cases, what you do can lead to harsh penalties and many years in prison. And no one wants that- I guess. It’s then critical to know what to do and what to avoid.

Check out mistakes to avoid when faced with criminal charges:

1. Resisting arrest

It’s a mistake to resist arrest when faced with criminal charges. By trying to run away or fight the police, you raise your likelihood of incurring injuries. The Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney advises that you can face additional charges by trying to resist arrest. Instead, be polite and respectful, and cooperate with the law enforcement officers. You should also hire an attorney to review your case and fight for your rights.

2. Voluntary statement

You have the right to stay silent and not provide any information to the police if your lawyer isn’t present. Most people become nervous after an arrest and share a lot of information. Moreover, police officers may advise you that there’s no need for an …