Here’s What to Avoid When Charged With a Criminal Offense

Being accused of a criminal offense can be a stressful and intimidating experience. You’ll likely worry about your loved ones, job, and reputation. It’s even worse when you make mistakes after facing arrest. In some cases, what you do can lead to harsh penalties and many years in prison. And no one wants that- I guess. It’s then critical to know what to do and what to avoid.

Check out mistakes to avoid when faced with criminal charges:

1. Resisting arrest

It’s a mistake to resist arrest when faced with criminal charges. By trying to run away or fight the police, you raise your likelihood of incurring injuries. The Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney advises that you can face additional charges by trying to resist arrest. Instead, be polite and respectful, and cooperate with the law enforcement officers. You should also hire an attorney to review your case and fight for your rights.

2. Voluntary statement

You have the right to stay silent and not provide any information to the police if your lawyer isn’t present. Most people become nervous after an arrest and share a lot of information. Moreover, police officers may advise you that there’s no need for an attorney. You should avoid conveying information to law enforcement officers. They might use the information to press charges against you.

3. Search& Seizure

Most criminal suspects will allow the police to search their property. Most states forbid unreasonable search and seizure of individual property. Therefore you shouldn’t allow them to search your house unless they show a valid search warrant. If the police have the warranty, examine it and get a copy.

4. Hiring an attorney at the last minute

 Most people try to handle criminal cases by themselves, only to engage an attorney when it’s too late. By involving a criminal defense lawyer early enough, you avoid hasty statements and grave mistakes that can cost you a lot. 

You also learn of your right and how to present yourself during hearings. If an attorney gives a statement on your behalf, no one can use it against you since it’s not directly from you. It’s then vital to contact an attorney immediately when faced with criminal charges.

5. Concealing information from your attorney

It’s a mistake not to reveal all the information to your lawyer. The professional won’t offer the best legal representation if you don’t disclose all the facts. During the hearing, the attorney may be caught unaware by issues that you didn’t talk about from the beginning. This can complicate your case, making it harder to handle.

6. Taking advice from non-lawyers

When dealing with criminal cases, most people seek advice from family and friends. This can be misleading because everyone you talk to has a different opinion from others. It can also impact your decisions and case at large. You should only seek help from a skilled criminal defense lawyer. The professional has a wealth of information on criminal cases and will guide you accordingly.

7. Sharing details about your case

 Nowadays, it’s easier to share information all over the globe. In case of a criminal offense, don’t give details about the issue on social media. Also, avoid discussing with others apart from your lawyer. The idea is, you never know whom you’re speaking to. Some people may act as witnesses during the trial and use the information to hurt you.

In summary

What you do during trial may affect the outcome of your case. When facing criminal charges, involve an attorney from the initial stage of your case. This way, you’ll know how to behave and what to avoid. But, it’s best to hire a lawyer with years of experience handling criminal cases. Doing so raises your likelihood of a favorable outcome and lesser charges.