Marketing Via Social Media

Does your website need to be revived? Maybe your legal firm is stagnating, and you could use a shot in the arm in terms of marketing. With your busy schedule, how can you start to do this for yourself? Social media might be the ticket to gaining more clients for your firm. It might even be fun.

Is your firm a little bit dry in its presentation? Now, a certain level of professionalism is crucial, don’t get us wrong, but for some clients, selective creativity is appreciated as well. A social media audio recording or video could do the trick. Are you announcing a new partner? A new service? A major case you’ve recently won? Consider doing so on a recording to reinforce your brand and seem more approachable to those who might want to use your services.

Next, blog. For that matter, don’t only blog, but link the blog to other sites in order to connect and gain search engine clout. Also, if your blog isn’t mobile friendly, forget it. Have an option for those on their smartphones to research your business easily. And don’t neglect your site’s style. Color and good, well-designed content make it pop.

Seek the people you already know, too. Don’t forget about them. Go to your community, former clients, and others who are familiar to post positive reviews. Ask them what questions they might want you to answer, so you can further their knowledge and the relationship. Offer helpful advice when possible. If you give your community an interesting reason to check in, they will. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all excellent for this sort of thing.

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you’ve already got a blog. Revamping it a bit isn’t too difficult. Tweak old posts with a bit of new info or wisdom. Revisit especially popular posts and give them a twist. That way you work smarter, not longer and harder.

When the people you reach out to become active with your site or page, offer them a chance to post suggestions, too. They might have valuable insight and advice that could help your firm to grow. Even if what they say is difficult to hear, it can be very helpful if you act on it accordingly. There can be a never-ending stream of feedback, too, so it’s OK to filter out the less meaningful items.

If your web or social media skills are lacking, there are online classes to the rescue. Perhaps your local library or community college even offers such a workshop. There are also classes in web writing, social media management, and web design.

It might sound crazy, but it helps: become a client who uses your own website. Try out what you offer. Be sure all links work and pages are clear. Make certain your verbiage is accurate and helpful. Have someone else read your material, too, to double check. Fix any problems you find in your approach and you’ll look much more professional.


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