Reasons Why an Employer Should Hire An Employment Lawyer

Many employees hire an employment lawyer on issues like reviewing job offer, discrimination, and harassment by the employer, pending payment disputes, wrongful termination, etc.  All these matters can cause huge damage to the employer. That’s the right time when an employer should consider hiring legal services of an Employment & Labor Lawyer in Toronto. Following are the decisions when an employer needs advise:

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1.  Firing an employee: In case, if you need to fire an employee but is worried that an employee might sue, you should hire an employment attorney before you fire the employee. The attorney not only suggests whether the firing will be legal or illegal but also suggest the ways to minimize the lawsuit.

Here are a few situations when you seek legal advice on firing a particular employee:

  •   The employee has a written job contract that limits your right to fire.
  •   The employee has some due like retirement money, stock options and other benefits to be disbursed shortly.
  •   The employee has recently made a written complaint to the government body for any illegal or unethical activity happening at the workplace.
  •   The employee has recently made a written complaint against discrimination or harassment.
  •   If firing could impact the environment of your workplace.
  •   If the employee is in pregnant, disabled or in a protected class.
  •   If the employee has access to your company’s high-level information that you fear might get leaked.
  •   If the employee can go for violence, vandalism or sabotage.
  •   If the firing is because of excess absenteeism from the work which is either protected by family and medical leave act or by disability act.
  •   Even on an investigation, the employee denies committing the act for which you are firing him or her.
  •   If an employee is already seeking legal advice from another employment lawyer.Classifications of employment: Before classifying certain people at the workplace as contractors rather than employees or exempting or not exempting a certain position, consider advice from an employment lawyer.

2. Changing your policies: In case you plan a layoff a huge number of employees, change pension plans, discontinue a certain employee benefit, seek legal advice.

3. Representation in legal proceedings: Employee lawsuit can extremely complex and the response have to be submitted within a time frame. This is the right time when you need legal advice.

4. Claims and complaints: Sometimes, employee seeks help from stage agencies which allow employee hearing, and then it is always better to consult a lawyer under such situations.

5. Reviewing your policies and rules: If you need to make or revise your rules and company’s policies, it is best to take legal advice from Employment & Labor Lawyer in Toronto. He can review that your policies within the laws regarding overtime, family leaves, final paychecks, etc.